FN0RD (fabulous noises)

Damian Marhulets

Electronic tape piece, 25'

This works has been produced as part of the residence program of the Ambiant Creativity project, with support from the European Commission.

The word Fnord is the typographic representation of irrelivant information or desinformation. It was coined as a nonsensical term in the Discordian text “Principia Discordia” (1975) and popularized by satirical conspiracy  fiction novels, as well as underground computer circles, where it's been often used as a metasyntactic variable. In short, Fnord is an intersection between satire, popular culture, radical absurdity and pataphysics. It's a fabulous noise inside every communication channel.                                       

FN0RD (fabulous noises) is an audio/visual puzzle inspired by pathalogical science, fictional elements,  and discredited substances. Every of 22 parts the piece consist of, has been composed in close relation to choosen element or phenomena. In doing so, all the borders between real and fictional were dispised. So the physical elements from the Futurama or Discworld universes (just to name a few) meet superseded and pathalogical scientific theories.

The 22 Parts are:

“Habafropzipulops” // “Mindprobes” // “Electromatter” // “Jumbonium” // “Collapsed Matter” // “Miasma” // “Minovski Particles” // “Boing!” // “Nintendium” // “Phlogiston” // “Tachyon” // “Bombastium” // “2, 4, 5 Trioxin” // “Bolonium” // “Chemical X” // Erototoxins” // “Kryptonite” // “E-Z Doze It Sleeping Pills” // “Cavorite” // “Coronium” // “Solarbonite” // Narrativium” //

Software Used

The main soundsource for this piece was Genesis, supported sometimes by NI Reaktor and some weird field recordings. Both Reaktor and Ableton Live were used for soundprocesing and postproduction. The sound spatialization has been done with Zirkonium controlled via OSC messages  from MaxMSP. The same tool – MaxMSP/Jitter has been used for making the visual part of this project.

Available on the Ambiant Creativity DVD.

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About the Author / A propos de l’auteur
Damian Marhulets, composer, media artist, and sound fetishist, was born in Minsk in 1980. His musical education has been developing throughout playing oboe and piano towards composition and electroacoustic music, that he studied in Hannover and Cologne.
Damian Marhulets is a founder and participant of many musical projects, such as dak~ [dak.tilde] live electronic trio and -+ [without additives] trio, spanning contemporary classical music to live-electronic
improvisation, glamourous noise and perverse pøp.

His major interest lies in anti-logocentric territories of sound and anarchitecture of music data.

Selected Works:
„The Descent“ (2005, théâtre musical, basé sur l’œuvre de C.G.Jung),
„Cypher“ (2006, solo pour orgue),
„Blue Notebook Nr. 10“ (2007, théâtre musical, basé sur l’œuvre de Daniil Charms),
“Space/Place/Object” (2007, 94 objets sonores, pour 8 Instruments),
„Coke Spoon: 14 Tracks for a Discontinued Object“ (2008, pour ensemble),
„/temp_“ (2008, pour „Ableton Live“ Software),
„Miniatouren“ (2009, pour Electronic-Live, en collaboration avec  David Borges),
„Strange Beauty of Second Use“ (2009, pour voix, platine disque, synthétiseur et guitare électrique. Card-Set)
”Playful Things” (Canal d’installation vidéo, à partir de Porn-Movies Vintage),
„Displaced Meanings: 81/2 Bits“ (2009, A/V Performance pour platine disque & Live-Electronique).