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This website presents artistic and scientific results of two research projects, "Créativité Instrumentale" and "Ambiant Creativity", which deal with the evolution of Arts in the context of digital technologies. In particular, you will find articles and videos of talks.

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CREATIVITE INSTRUMENTALE is a research project of the 2008 Program "la création : acteurs, objets, contextes" of the Agence Nationale de la Recherche. It was conducted by three partners: Laboratoire ICA (Grenoble, France), EESI (Angoulême-Poitiers, France) and IDMIL (Montreal, Canada).

The goal of the project is to study the mutations of the creative process in time - based instrumental arts that are musical arts, visual arts and choreographic arts, in the context of information and communication technologies. It examines issues related to the notion of instrumentality and its role in the creative process, in order to define the conditions the conditions for its realization with computers, even if it shakes and disrupts the purely informational process that it offers natively. Introducing instrumentality in digital creation tools, notably through force-feedback interfaces and physical modeling, marks the return of the body, gestures and physical interactions, an evolution that is part of current issues in time-based instrumental arts.  Thus, the key themes of the project are:

  • Instrumentality and writing: is there a new alliance today?
  • Can we go beyond the dematerialization of so-called “virtual” objects without diminishing the creative potential of digital tools?
  • Can we consider the creative process as an artwork in itself, now that digital technologies allow it to be easily observed?

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AMBIANT CREATIVITY is a research project funded the European Community under the Culture Program (2007-2013). It was conducted, in 2010-2011, by four partners:  ACROE (Grenoble, France), ZKM (Karlsruhe, Germany), the Music Department and Visual Arts Department of Ionian University (Corfu, Greece), and the laboratory Ingénierie de la Création Artistique of Grenoble Institute of Technology (Grenoble, France).

The project consisted of 4 activities:

  • A residency program, during which 3 artists were hosted by the partners of the project (Grenoble, July 2010; Corfu, November 2010; Karlsruhe, February 2011) in order to develop their musical projects. At each place, the artists were advised by a renowned artist and/or scientists.
  • Teaching activities, with organization of 4 workshops by the partners (Grenoble, February 2010 and November 2011; Corfu, May 2010, Karlsruhe March 2011).
  • A scientific and artistic activity to analyze the mutations of the creative process with digital technologies.
  • A dissemination activity, with the organization of a European symposium adressing theoretical and experimental results of the project: #AST 2011 (Grenoble, November 2011).

The central theme of the AMBIANT CREATIVITY project is the mutations of the creative process in musical, visual and multisensory arts, in the context of digital technologies.

The current diversity and availability of artistic creation tools and paradigms are accompanied by some kind of "blur" between artistic processes, that is, by a confusion created by the radical paradigm shifts accompanying the spread of new digital technologies.

The objectives of the project were to develop “ambient creativity” by promoting the potential of modern digital technology in the arts, by revisiting the junction of art with modern digital art tools and their underlying principles, by accompanying artists in their approach of innovative art technology, and by better understanding the fundamental mutations of artistic processes stimulated by emerging digital technologies.

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