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This site publishes the scientific and artistic results of two projects conducted by 6 research, creation and dissemination centers: ACROEEESIICAIUIDMIL, and ZKM.

This site is a publication registered under the name http://aicreativity.acroe-ica.org

This publication is the online version of the book “Créativité instrumental et créativité ambiante: mutations des concepts, techniques et pratiques artistiques par les technologies de l’information”.

The site and the book are published by ACROE, as part of the editorial line “ACROE/Enactive Systems Books publisher, 2011 – ISBN ISBN 978-2-9530856-1-7.

The reason for this publication lies in the acknowledgement that existing edition formats are, by principle, specific and disciplinary. Consequently, they are not perfectly suitable for multidisciplinary or transdisciplinary works, in which obviously transversal and new topics are presented and where several forms of presentations, styles and writing modalities can collaborate, depending on disciplines and communities. That is the case for the projects addressed here, since they involved several communities that does not communicate and disseminate their results in the same way.

The general editorial line of this site and the associated book lies in five points:

  1. Completeness and multimedia: the site contains or references all productions resulting from the two projects: texts, videos, audio and video recordings, slideshows.
  2. Diversity of formats: documents reproduced here respect the format adopted by their authors. For example, in some cases, texts are formatted into paragraphs and in other cases not. Some documents contain figures and “scientific-style” diagrams, while other adopt a more literary or philosophical presentation. Some were formatted with on-line consultation in mind, while others have a more classical profile.
  3. Plurilingualism: The site is plurilingual. Indeed, we let the authors decide in which language they want to be published. We accept texts and presentations in the mother tongue of the author. When talks have been translated, the text version of the translation is available on the site as well, either in French or English. Subtitles of filmed conferences and courses will be available soon.
  4. This site presents theoretical and experimental results as well as artworks. Artworks are available through a DVD and online videos.
  5. This site presents all factual information that defines the historical and institutional context of presented results: workshops, courses, concerts, exhibitions, technologies, institutions, and biography of authors.

Results presented here required significant personal and professional investment. In order to protect intellectual property, access to texts and other media is restricted to registered users, who undertake to respect general copyright rules.

To cite a document published on this site, use:
<<authors>>: <<title>> - in Ambiant and Instrumental Creativity / Créativité Instrumentale et Créativité Ambiante. ACROE/Enactive Systems Books publisher, 2011 – ISBN 978-2-9530856-1-7 – available online at http://aicreativity.eu