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7. Symposium « Digital Composition »

Organized as part of the Ambiant Creativity meeting #3
17 and 18 March 2011, 6:45 – 8:00 PM
ZKM, Karlsruhe, Germany
Supported by the project « Ambiant Creativity »

The symposium welcomed invited artists such as Sebastian Berweck (pianist) and Robert Henke (composer, software engineer), who work with different experimental expression forms act. It focused on the topic of « digital creativity and contemporary music ».The lectures reviewed:
- the question of affordability and manageability of technologies in our era of digitization, in their various aspects: production (software), remix (availability of existing music), instrument design (controller) and dissemination (social networks);
- and the changes in the role of performers when working with electronics – since working with electronics is not just an “add-on” to playing an instrument, it often works detrimental to playing the best concert possible.

Invited talks
Johannes Kreidler, Composer
New Technologies and Musical CreationsSebastian Berweck, Pianist
Caught in the Middle. The Interpreter in the Digital Age
30 persons of diverse nationality (France, Italy, Germany, Greece, Canada…), with diverse backgrounds (Fine Arts artists, musicians, multimedia artists, scientists on humanities, scientists on experimental and technological sciences)  and of various level of expertise (students, teachers, confirmed artists, etc.)



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7. Symposium “Digital composition” / Symposium “Composition numérique”. Karlsruhe, March, 2011.

8. Symposium « De l’œuvre artistique au processus de sa création ? »  / Symposium “From the artwork itself to the  process of its creation”. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.

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11. Conferences on Art Science Technology / Conférences en Art-Science-Technologie. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.

12. Débat public:  « Les concepts de Recherche Artistique : Recherche en art - recherche pour l’art - recherche sur l’art. »  / Public debate “Artistic Research Modalities: Research which accompanies the creation process  - Research which sustains the creation process - Research which analyses the creation process”. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.