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4. Public Debate « New Media Art Education »

Organized as part of the yearly Conference and Festival of Music and New Media Arts of Ionian University, and of the Ambiant Creativity meeting #2
29 May 2010 16-18PM
Ionian University, Corfu, Greece
Supported by the projects Ambiant Creativity

This round table discussion was organized in cooperation with the local chapter of the Leonardo Art and Education Forum. It gathered several experts in education to new media art from Greece, but also from France, England and Germany, including staff from the partners of the Ambiant Creativity project. The core topic was to discuss the possibility of a Doctorate in new media arts, which is today a critical topic after the move of art education in Europe into the 3 level system Licence-Master-Doctorate. Topics covered were: if such a new media arts doctorate would exist, what could or should be possible topics, means of evaluation, duration, financing system, etc.

Moderator and speakers
The Local chapter of the Leonardo Art and Education Forum
18 European experts on new media art education

Liste des évènements / Event list

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4. Public debate on:  « New Media Art Education » / Débat public sur « Formation et pédagogie dans les nouveaux arts multimedia ». Corfu, May 2010.

5. Public debate on: “What to Expect? Hopes and Problems of Technological Driven Art” / Débat public sur “Attentes et questions autour des arts technologiques”. Karlsruhe, March 2011.

6. Public debate on:  « National Styles in Electroacoustic Music? » / Débat public sur “Y-a-t-il des styles culturels nationaux en musique électroacoustique?” Karlsruhe, March 2011.

7. Symposium “Digital composition” / Symposium “Composition numérique”. Karlsruhe, March, 2011.

8. Symposium « De l’œuvre artistique au processus de sa création ? »  / Symposium “From the artwork itself to the  process of its creation”. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.

9. Symposium « Instrumentalité et écriture : une nouvelle alliance ? » / Symposium “Instrumentality and notation: toward a possible new alliance?”. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.

10. Symposium « Un futur pour les arts visuels ? » - Symposium “What perspectives for Visual Arts?”. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.

11. Conferences on Art Science Technology / Conférences en Art-Science-Technologie. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.

12. Débat public:  « Les concepts de Recherche Artistique : Recherche en art - recherche pour l’art - recherche sur l’art. »  / Public debate “Artistic Research Modalities: Research which accompanies the creation process  - Research which sustains the creation process - Research which analyses the creation process”. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.