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3. Audiovisual Arts Conference

Organized as part of the yearly Conference and Festival of Music and New Media Arts of Ionian University, and of the Ambiant Creativity meeting #2
28 May 2010 16PM-18PM and 29 May 2010 10AM-15PM
Supported by the projects Créativité Instrumentale  and Ambiant Creativity

The yearly Conference and Festival of Music and New Media Arts of the Department of Audiovisual Arts and the Laboratory of Research and Applications in Electronic Music of the Department of Music of the Ionian University have been organized in 2011 in conjunction with the AMBIANT Creativity Workshop #3, producing a large joint event.
At the conference held as part of this event several artists and scientists presented lectures about video art, art and technology, and specific tools for audiovisual arts on several topics, including: What new techniques of artistic creation are being developed as a result of new technologies? How can these techniques be taught? How does the accessibility to digital technology influence the creative process and the participation of citizens to creative activities? Can the use of new technologies open new avenues and perspective of approach towards science and culture?
The partners of the project were invited to present talks at the conference covering these topics.

Invited talks of the partners of the projects
Claude Cadoz:
Keynote on “Create the technologies of the musical création : A global history of the main phases of the technology in the musical creation procès - From the archaic instrument and gesture to the digital multisensory simulation of the instrumental interaction."Nicolas Castagné, Olivier Tache and Claude Cadoz:
GENESIS3 - Sound Genesis and Musical Composition by Physical Modelling - Download slidesLudger Bruemmer:
The Opera Amazonas Conference and other audiovisual works in the contexte of visual and acoustical spaceGoetz Dipper:
Audiovisual installations at ZKM

> Download complete conference program (Greek)

Liste des évènements / Event list

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 Conférence “Expérimentations proactives” / “Proactive Experiments”. Poitiers, Février 2009.

3. Conference on Audiovisual Arts / Conférence sur les arts audiovisuals. Corfu. May 2010.

4. Public debate on:  « New Media Art Education » / Débat public sur « Formation et pédagogie dans les nouveaux arts multimedia ». Corfu, May 2010.

5. Public debate on: “What to Expect? Hopes and Problems of Technological Driven Art” / Débat public sur “Attentes et questions autour des arts technologiques”. Karlsruhe, March 2011.

6. Public debate on:  « National Styles in Electroacoustic Music? » / Débat public sur “Y-a-t-il des styles culturels nationaux en musique électroacoustique?” Karlsruhe, March 2011.

7. Symposium “Digital composition” / Symposium “Composition numérique”. Karlsruhe, March, 2011.

8. Symposium « De l’œuvre artistique au processus de sa création ? »  / Symposium “From the artwork itself to the  process of its creation”. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.

9. Symposium « Instrumentalité et écriture : une nouvelle alliance ? » / Symposium “Instrumentality and notation: toward a possible new alliance?”. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.

10. Symposium « Un futur pour les arts visuels ? » - Symposium “What perspectives for Visual Arts?”. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.

11. Conferences on Art Science Technology / Conférences en Art-Science-Technologie. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.

12. Débat public:  « Les concepts de Recherche Artistique : Recherche en art - recherche pour l’art - recherche sur l’art. »  / Public debate “Artistic Research Modalities: Research which accompanies the creation process  - Research which sustains the creation process - Research which analyses the creation process”. Grenoble, Décembre 2011.