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5. Workshop “AMBIANT Creativity”, March 2011, Karlsruhe (Germany)

Dates: 14-18 march 2011
Location: ZKM, Karlsruhe (Germany)
Organized by: ZKM , Karlsruhe (Germany)
Supporting project: AMBIANT Creativity

Supporting technologies
Zirconium and the SoundDome, SuperCollider, GENESIS

Content and results
This workshop, entitled »digital composition«, took place at the Institute for Music und Acoustics of the prestigious ZKM | Karlsruhe art centre in Germany, under the topic »digital creativity and contemporary music«. A specific focus was on digital compositional techniques, by the use of advanced compositional techniques like algorithmic composition, physical modelling and spatialization, as well as on the question of the digital avant-garde: if they exist, where are they now?

The participants, mainly art students, could enter the dialogue with experienced artists – invited artists such as Sebastian Berweck (pianist) and Robert Henke (composer, software engineer), as well as experienced artists and researchers from the project’s partner.
They had also the unique opportunity to perform their experimental work achieved during the workshop during one of the two evening concerts <**lien> organized in parallel to the workshop in the ZKM_Kubus concert hall, equipped with the ZKM_Klangdom (Sound dome), a world-leading instrument for sound spatialization.

About 40 participants
13 registered participants; Participants from the partners. Artists in residency in the AMBIANT creativity project, Artists involved in the concerts.

Top: during the workshop. Bottom: participants’ talk during the concert in the Kubus.